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Gold...highly valued since prehistoric times, often as a symbol of purity, value and royalty. Gold in its purest form is 24K, there's nothing like it in the world. By nature, it is a Luscious Golden Yellow. To withstand the day-to-day wear of your busy lifestyle, it is combined with other metals (alloys) for durability.  Our rings are Exclusively made in Precious Metals for Durability and Lasting Value over time.


  • What is 18K?
    A very rich, high luster gold, due to its Pure Gold content.  Composed of 75% Pure Solid Gold, 25% metal alloy.
  • What is 14K?
     The perfect balance of both Luster and Durability. Composed of 58.5% Pure Solid Gold, 41.5% metal alloy.
  • What is 10K?
    A popular affordable Precious Metal Choice.  Composed of 41.7% Pure Solid Gold, 58.3% metal alloy.        
  • Sterling Silver
    A Precious Metal that retains its Value.  Composed of 97.5% Pure Solid Fine Silver and 2.5% metal alloy. 
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