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Your Jürgens ring is one-of-a-kind. To ensure years of enjoyment, your ring is individually designed and crafted to achieve the highest standards. Jürgens is committed to offering you the best quality and service by providing you with a Free Limited Lifetime Warranty against imperfections in design, workmanship or materials that are present at the time of delivery and to its original owner. Genuine stones and diamonds are not covered, however, you can replace them at the current value.

Your Free Lifetime Ltd. Warranty includes:

  • Restore the original finish at no charge.
  • Simulated gemstones that are damaged or defective (discovered upon receipt) will be replaced at no charge.  Genuine Stones and Diamonds are not covered, replacement is available at current market value.
  • Resize your ring (one time limit, up or down 1 size)
  • Sterling Silver rings include a limited 5-year warranty from your date of purchase
  • Trade-in your 10K, 14K, or 18K Jürgens high school ring at the time of your Jürgens college ring purchase. Your trade-in credit will be based on the world gold market price at the time of trade-in, that credit will be applied toward your college ring purchase.
  • If your ring has been damaged or worn beyond your satisfaction, you may exchange it for a ring of same or similar design and of comparable value at Jürgens current remake charge.
  • At Jürgens discretion, your ring may be replaced with a new ring if defects in materials and/or workmanship cannot be repaired.

Jürgens Lifetime Limited Warranty is void if any work is performed on the ring by anyone other than Jürgens. This includes but is not limited to: Engraving inside ring, polishing, etc.

Your authorized dealer may charge shipping and handling fees to process your ring repair.

There are no other warranties, expressed or implied
*Certain conditions apply.

Jürgens Ring Replacement Program

Jürgens ring replacement program protects your ring against loss, theft or damage. This option is available to you at the time you order your ring, a fee may apply.

By participating in this program your ring is covered for three years from the date of purchase. In the event a loss, theft or damage occurs and you report it to your authorized dealer, within three (3) years from your date of purchase, Jürgens will provide you with a one-time replacement ring with the exact specifications as when originally ordered (genuine stones and diamonds are excluded). Replacement for genuine stones including diamonds is available at the current market price.

When ordering your replacement ring, processing & handling fees apply. See your class ring professional for further details.  
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